Illinois Robotics in Space

Illinois Robotics in Space (IRIS) is an organization dedicated to designing and building a robot for the NASA Robotics Mining Competition (RMC). I participated on technical teams for 3 years and went to the competition each year representing Illinois as a member of the pit crew, as seen in the video below (starting at 0:22).

Mechanical Team (2 years)

  • Designed drive system
  • Robot assembly and repair

Autonomous Team (1 year)

  • Contributed an extensive trade study utilizing quality function deployment methods on existing path planning algorithms to the 2015 1st Place winning Systems Engineering Paper at NASA RMC
  • Selected and implemented path planning function of robot using Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Created a complementary filter in C++ by implementing sensor fusion between the on-board IMU and localization beacon to obtain higher fidelity position data from the robot

IRIS shaped me as a teammate and an engineer as much as my academic and research work. In addition, I also learned the value of giving back to the community.

Educational Outreach Team (3 years)

  • Elected IRIS Ed-Out Director for 2 years
  • Coordinated 9 events, amassed over 190 volunteer hours, and reached more than 2250 people in two semesters (iris-ed-out-review-2015)
  • Won 2nd Place IEEE Projects Fair Popular Vote
  • Won 3rd Place for Presentation of Society at Engineering Open House



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